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Booking a hotel room during the day

The best solution to tackle the most common challenges faced by business travellers during their trips.

Your challenges

Long stopovers
Early morning arrivals
Late departures
Cancelled appointments
Delayed or cancelled flights
Unsuitable workspace

Dayuse Business solutions

A hotel room available during the day for up to 12 hours at a time

Exclusive rates up to 75% off a hotel's overnight

Free cancellation of your reservation up till the last minute

Ideally located near airports, downtown and business centers

Thousands of 3 to 5 star hotels in the largest international chains

Experienced and multilingual customer service available for you

Innovative hospitality services available for your business travel programs

Dayuse Business solutions can meet all your one-off or recurring needs for your business trips, in all main cities and world capitals.

To work

Comfortable, secure and well-equipped workspaces when you need them

To meet

Elegant and spacious suites for professional appointments with complete confidentiality

To rest

A power nap or a refreshing shower before an important meeting or between two flights

Optimize your ROI on travel expenses with a hotel room during the day!

Your business travellers are often faced with counter-productive challenges when travelling. These issues greatly reduce the return on investment for the travel expenses incurred.

A survey published in 2014 by GBTA entitled: "Business Traveller Study: the cost of mishaps" shows that on average during a flight delay or cancellation, the time wasted and spent not working represents a loss of income for the company estimated at €550 per person per trip. This amount can be doubled when the trip takes place abroad.

Providing your business travellers with a hotel room during the day means supplying them with the comfort and security of a well-equipped and confidential workspace where they can gain in productivity.

Among the issues faced by business travellers, air incidents (delays, cancellations or missed connections) are mentioned almost 90% of the time

On average, between 5 and 10 hours are needed to resolve incidents encountered by business travellers during a trip, depending on whether it is a domestic or international trip.

75% of business travellers report that they have been unable to fulfil some or all of their professional duties due to incidents that occurred during their business travel.

The Dayuse Business platform

A set of tools and features created by professionals* which are compatible with your existing work environment. Access all Dayuse solutions with just a few clicks.
  • Customized search engine according to your travel policy or frequent travellers’ needs
  • An ergonomic portal with a simple and user-friendly search engine
  • Customized unique access according to roles (traveller, approving manager, travel arranger)
  • Payment methods tailored to your requirements: on-site payment, virtual cards (Air plus, Amex, BNP)
  • Experienced and multilingual customer service available for you
  • Reporting tools to manage Dayuse expenditure by department, travellers, destinations…

*The Dayuse Business platform is based on CDS Group’s technology and expertise


Dayuse Business Network

Dayuse business has partnered with the world largest hotel groups, allowing us to guarantee the same quality of hospitality, service, and facilities whatever your destination needs.